About TaperMD

TaperMD is an online platform developed in collaboration with Data Based Medicine. It integrates all elements of the TAPER pathway including:

    • Patient priorities for treatment
    • Patient characteristics relevant to medicines
    • Patient medicine list
    • Evidence support for identifying and deprescribing potentially inappropriate or harmful medicines

TaperMD conducts a multi-drug machine-screen that flags for:

    • Potentially inappropriate medicines for older adults
    • Anticholinergic burden
    • QT prolongation burden
    • Hypotension burden
    • Serotonin burden
    • Interactions and warnings

TaperMD provides a unique dashboard containing:

    • Recommendations for tapering approaches
    • List of potential medication withdrawal effects
    • Suggestions for monitoring parameters, time frames and plan progression

TaperMD is designed to be integrated with electronic medical records or printed for integration with paper records. All clinicians may access this tool and it is designed with the option for a patient access point. Patient use could be further augmented by integration with patient-facing data collection systems.

For more information about TaperMD, please visit tapermd.com or watch the video below: